Cat Clyde

Cat Clyde playing guitar

Event Date:

March 23, 2020

Event Time:

7:30 pm

Event Location:

Dutch Flat Hotel

Doors 7:00, Show starts at 7:30

Cat Clyde Album ArtIt’s an old saying, time flows away like the water in a river. A comparison that has more to it than you might think at first glance. Whether its a raging torrent or a bubbling backyard brook, both water and time can hide, obscure, and keep us from seeing some of the priceless treasures that lie just beneath the surface. The key to finding them is simply knowing where to look, and when to listen.

Cat Clyde, a brand new artist out of Stratford, Ontario. A fresh take on the classic sounds of yesteryear; breathing new life into the velvety vocal, tack-piano, slide-guitar-style that can instantly walk you through the swinging doors of a packed saloon. With influences ranging from Etta James to Janis Joplin to Lead Belly, hers is a mix that goes down smoother than a neat glass of mellow Kentucky bourbon. No longer do you need to reach for your trusty sifting pan and river boots to find gold. You just need to know one name.



With very special guests: Mark Zonakis and Jeremie Albino!


Mark Zonakis 

Born and raised in Columbus Ohio and having short stints of living in California and Arizona, his music invokes a mix of both Midwest and Western imagery. Being a self taught songwriter, his influences range from folk legends like Nick Drake and Bob Dylan to the more current Ray Lamontagne and Joe Purdy. His first EP Man Of Tomorrow was released in the Spring of 2018. His first full length Album Western Prophets is a concept Album with an Old West/Spiritual theme and is set for release in the Fall of 2019.

Jeremie Albino

There’s no counting the worlds Jeremie Albino has travelled to get to where he is today, and no telling which ones he might head to next. Born and raised in the bright and booming metropolis of Toronto, his heart led him out of the city and into Prince Edward County, where country living and a decade of working on farms gave him the time and space to hone his songwriting skills. His music nods to all manner of troubadours who rambled down similar paths throughout history—he nods slyly to the legendary blues singers who inspired him, offers a soft and insightful touch with his folk songs, and stomps and swaggers through soulful rock ‘n’ roll. But Jeremie Albino is a natural and an original, created by an alchemy that favours, above all else, that most mysterious and coveted of qualities: heart. And his wildly impressive debut, Hard Time, overflows with it. The sagas of out-sized characters and the vivid imagery they pass through are given proper treatment by the peaks and valleys of Albino’s music, dynamic enough to conjure something light as the sway of flowers in the wind, or the grandeur of an apocalyptic storm. “They’re stories I wrote that came from daydreams,” Jeremie explains, “about life, love, people, and another time.” Hard Time represents a slew of firsts for the young songwriter. Before embarking on the recording, he’d never been in a studio, played with a band, or worked with a producer. Jeremie’s earthy Americana has never been laid to tape until now. And Hard Time sounds just as untouched by pretension as you’d expect from a musician who got to this point simply by letting his heart lead the way. The first recordings were laid down at the Bombshelter in Nashville with producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Langhorne Slim), and the rest was finished off at Union Sound in Toronto with Cripsin Day. Get ready for it, coming Summer 2019.
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Total Seats: 50
  • Dutch Flat Hotel
  • 32798 Main Street, Dutch Flat
  • Dutch Flat
  • CA
  • United States

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  • March 23, 2020 4:38 am   -   March 23, 2020 4:38 am
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