TempleBand/NoTears BOTH July 20, 2019 Multi – Cam

TempleBand/NoTears BOTH July 20, 2019 Multi - Cam

A CovidConcert tidbit. THE TEMPLE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIAL BAND. I just received this video from
Timothy Crandle. He shot and edited it from our sold out show featuring The Dils at Bottom of the Hill last July 20, 2019. It is our opening song on our first official show. No Tears by the great and distinguished band Tuxedomoon. The band bass – Jennie Coppertone, Guitar/Keyboard – Fuzz Master, Drums – Greg Langston, Guitar – Kevin Moore, Vocals and percussion – Geoffrey Pond, Vocals and guitar Sophie V. Thrilled to have our first multi-camera shoot of the band. It looks great! Thank you Timothy. The video crew featuring on camera from Frghtwig and Dizzy Twin Mia and Paul Simmans,plus Robin Banks, and Lil Mike Martzke What a memorable night!


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