Watch YYZ by Rush #QuarantineJam w Charlie Benante & Ra Diaz

Watch YYZ by Rush #QuarantineJam w Charlie Benante & Ra Diaz

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone’s hanging in ok. So one bit of good news in light of everything: This quarantine has triggered some interesting musical projects that might not happen otherwise.

Here is my 1st virtual video jam with others ( far from the last, I have a feeling).

This is for all you #Rush fans.

Official text: “#crushquarantine Here is our version of the @Rush classic #YYZ -@Rush inspired all 3 of us to be better musicians. #alexlifeson , #Geddylee and the great #NeilPeart 💜 not only played amazing, they also wrote some of the best songs. We are honored to play a little #YYZ for you. Hope this magic music makes your morning/afternoon @Rush @charbenante ( @anthrax ) @alexskolnick ( @testamentofficial) and @ra_diaz ( @suicidaltendencies ) 🤘🏼 Special thanks to @pieromedone for helping out editing the video together!”


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