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Happy Saturday, friends! This song is called
HEART OF STONE words and music by Marinda Mercer I wrote this during the beginning of the end of a relationship in 2010. As some of you may know, break ups and heartbreaks can harden your heart to love again and go as far as callous your soul. But I didn't want to become a hardened, callous hearted woman. So I asked God to step in, to break my hardened heart, to heal me and show me the areas in my own life that needed to change and to learn to love like God loves me…it is an ugly lifelong process of surrender and elimination. Isn't it? Ugh. Yea, it ain't easy. But writing a song about it sure helped. 😊😉
Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your time at home. Stay well, friends.
Blessings and butterflies,


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