Watch I Hear Her Calling!

Reposting this direct. Just figured it out lol not meaning to be too spammy This way the lyrics show up under the video too!

I hear her calling

Sometimes I feel like I’m flying
I feel like Im walking in a dream
I don’t always know just where I’m going to
I’m taking myself somewhere I’ve never been

And I’ve got time
But it’s leaking out the glass
I’m on the road
I’m running through the sea of green
I’m going to run until I reach the destination
Yeah! Wherever that might be


I hear her calling!
And I’ve just got to tell the story
I know that I can’t turn aroundand walk the path behind me
I’m going to run to the dream

We get old
It’s so hard to change direction
Of our souls
To find what we really need
Im going to take the time and find the deeper meaning
Find the song deep down inside of me



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